Still life

Power point for still life lesson.

Still life in class work.

Rubric for still life art project


5 or 4 /5
Shading is developed to produce a strong range of values and contrast that makes the still-life look credible and realistic on paper. Drawn values match the still life (This means that the realistic value regions are observed, and recorded, with the correct shape, value, and size. These regions are highlight, mid tone, shadow, shadow core, reflected light and cast shadow.)

3 or 4 /5
Shading lacks contrast or depth in range of values. Heavy lines/outlines still exist or shading tends to merge together. The dimensional quality of the objects is weak.

1or2/ 5
Shading is weak and underdeveloped The drawing still appears flat and lacks form and dimension and needs to be revisited.


4 or 5/5
Work is portfolio quality. Work is neat, clean, completed to include details and textures.

3 or 4 /5
Work lacks cleanliness or neatness, or a degree of completion. More work can be done to enhance the quality of work here.

1 or 2 /5
Work is poorly executed, appears sloppy, and lacks definition. Need to revisit work.