Micrography Self-Portrait

Project Due date

A Day class Dec. 11 / B Day Class Dec.12

Most important things to remember [Simpler Rubric Lists]

1. Value change was extremely effective and accurate, giving image realistic quality.

2. Good understanding of the proper techniques used to create accurate values. Shading is developed to produce a strong range of values and contrast that makes the self portrait credible on paper. Drawn values match the self portrait means that the realistic value regions are observed, and recorded, with the correct shape, value, and size using Text Size, Thickness and Spacing.
Must layer multiple texts/motivational quotes to develop the darker values.
Using thinner and wider texts to create lighter values on your self portrait.

3. Drawing of the image was completely accurate.

4. Craftsmanship: Work is portfolio quality. Work is neat, clean, completed to include details and textures.

5. Cooperation and attitude toward project

VII: Event Attendance
As an electives scholar you will be required to attend two after-school events throughout the semester. One event can be an electives-hosted after school event (Fright Night, open mic, debate, etc.). Or the event that you attend can be at Muchin OR take place outside of school such as Art museums and visual art show/gallery. For credit the event must focus on the study of visual art. Please ask Ms. Park if you are concerned about whether or not your event will count. List of acceptable events take place outside of Muchin are listed on the class wiki. Must attend 2 event/ Art museums and visual art show/gallery per semester. Total 4 year.

If you Miss class This week Please Look at this Power Point.

In class work
Micrography Quote worksheet

1. Bring black and white Current Photo of you.
2. Must have low contrast
3. Print them big as 8.5x11 inch paper
Bring A Black Pen Ball point pen


Project Due date

A Day class Dec. 11 / B Day Class Dec.12

Project Rubric