Art as a Form of Communication
This Project grade is going in as your Midterm.

VII: Event Attendance
As an electives scholar you will be required to attend two after-school events throughout the semester. One event can be an electives-hosted after school event (Fright Night, open mic, debate, etc.). Or the event that you attend can be at Muchin OR take place outside of school such as Art museums and visual art show/gallery. For credit the event must focus on the study of visual art. Please ask Ms. Park if you are concerned about whether or not your event will count. List of acceptable events take place outside of Muchin are listed on the class wiki. Must attend 2 event/ Art museums and visual art show/gallery per semester. Total 4 year.

Due date for Event requirement is Jan.19th.

Project Due Dates

WED Jan 17th 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B
THU Jan 18th 3A, 3B, 6A, 6B
Your Artwork Must Be COMPLETED by Due date

Homework :

Work on your midterm project at home Please.

How Do People Communicate Through Art?

From ancient times, people have used images to communicate. Think of early cave art or Egyptian hieroglyphics - visual art can explore concepts or ideas without requiring written statements. Words are sometimes included and can be an effective complement, but they're not the primary way ideas are conveyed in visual art.

Communication through art can be achieved in many ways that don't rely on words.

Sometimes they're obvious, like a celebratory image of a political leader. But other times,

artworks communicate through elements you might not notice at first, like the choice of colors, composition (the underlying form and how elements relate to one another),

or how the forms are either put together or fractured.

3 Main things you need to focus on.

1. Use appropriate image/symbiotic elements to create your artwork.
This will help communicating your massage clearly.
2. Use more than 3 art mediums to complete your artwork.
examples: use markers, watercolor, paint, collage and etc.
If you are doing collage Must do drawing/painting as well.
3. Must Have Perfect to Great craftsmanship.

Artwork Examples