Family/ Community Narratives

If you missed my class week 20 Please watch videos and write 1 paragraph about your thoughts on each video.
This will go into your grade for week 20. Please hand in as soon as passible.

Faith Ringgold: Artist & Activist

Jacob Lawrence


Second semester event requirements:

As an electives scholar you will be required to attend two after-school events throughout the each semester. One event can be an electives-hosted after school event (Fright Night, open mic, debate, etc.). Or Place outside of school such as Art museums and visual art show/gallery. You many visit same museum or gallery as long as you can see other exhibit than one that you saw already. For credit the event must focus on the study of visual art. Please ask Ms. Park if you are concerned about whether or not your event will count. List of acceptable events take place outside of Muchin are listed on the class wiki. Must attend 2 event/ Art museums and visual art show/gallery per semester. Total 4 year.

For events that take place outside of Muchin, you need to complete the google doc survey and upload photographic proof of you at the event.

URL for submission of events that take place outside of Muchin:

*The Drawing and Design Class Wiki is located below Electives at the bottom of the page. It is not located under your grade level.