If you were absent week 21.

Please fill out all the questions and hand in by Feb.5th

Knowing Your Community Week 21st
Name: _ Class:
Name of your Neighborhood___
How much do you know about your Neighborhood history?
Please write 4-5 answers each.

  1. 1. What is the community most famous for, or what should it be famous for?

  1. 2. How did your neighborhood get its name?

  1. 3. Any famous person lived/born in your neighborhood?

  1. 4. When is the community most enjoyable? Most annoying?

  1. 5. Why/What types of people live in your neighborhood?

  1. 6. How would you change the neighborhood if we could?
  2. 7. Please find Positive 4 different stories/news that makes your neighborhood special.
I want you to write about the story and explain why you choose that story.
Stories can be from old times or recent news.