New House Competition


Project due date
Aday April 5th
Bday April 6th
Pencil sketch and photo references must be all done.

Last class homework
Brining Photo References minimum of 10 buildings.(Futuristic looking buildings) If You do not bring reference to class you will have LaSalle.
Due date
A day March.14th Bday March.15th

Chicago Architecture foundation guest speaker

In class work.
If you were absent Please fill out and hand in for grade.
1. What are current buildings that are historically protected?
Find Minimum 5 + all the details

Buildings which have been around?, what do they look like?, what are they used for?

2. Research some architects’ visions of the future, take note of anything interesting.
Find Minimum 5 + all the details

• Google searches: futuristic buildings, future architecture skylines, architects to look at FRANK GEHRY, ZahaHadid, Santiago Calatrava
3. What long-term effects? Solutions to pollution, traffic, over population, climate