Sep.18 - Sep.22

Grid Drawing Project Due date

Monday Oct.2 B-day Tuesday Oct. 3 A-Day.

Grid drawing / how to use ruler

Artist of the unit :
American Artist Chuck Close
Chuck Close Youtube video

In class work : Zentangle
If you missed class Please visit the website to see what zentangle is.
Also have 10 zentangle drawing example done before you come to class.

Zentangle final example

Elements of Art :

Line, Contrast

Grid drawing project

Drawing structured patterns

Rubric For Grid drawing Project.

1. Used Minimum of "5 different Zentangle Patterns"

2. Perfect Matching Drawing

3. Perfect Craftsmanship( nice black lines, no pencil line showing, etc)

4. Pattern Creativity.( used creative pattern ideas)

Must have for class

- Pencil and white Eraser
- Black and White copy of animal (only need face of animal)
[ google black and white animal picture. link below ]
Black and white animal picture example
- Bring Black marker.
- Bring ruler

Homework: out line of animal drawing is due.
Friday Sep.21 / B day class Monday Sep.25 /A day class