sketch book art work
Day of the dead
Day of the dead mask is due
A / Tue oct 27th
B/ Mon oct 26th

Artist of the unit : Jose Guadalupe Posada's

In class work : Day of the Dead
If you missed class Please visit the Link.
Jose Guadalupe Posada’s

Link to Day of the Dead Mask Examples

Day of the Dead Mask Art Example

Rubric For Day of the DeadProject.

1. Used Creative pattern and design

2. Used mask space creatively.

3. Perfect Craftsmanship( nice black outlines, no pencil line showing, etc)

4. Must use all Complementary Color ( Red&Green, Yellow&Purple, Blue&Orange)

5.Effort and Perseverance/

Cooperation and attitude toward project.

Visual example of sketch book artworks. Sketchbook assignment lists. ( only pick one )

Must have for class

- Pencil and white Eraser

Homework: Sketchbook artwork due
Tue Oct.10th A day / Wen Oct. 11th Bday